– Barclaycard Activation – Barclay Card Activation is the official gateway of Barclay Card Activation which helps users to earn exciting rewards. However, new Barclaycard holders require to complete their Barclay Card Activation firstly to access Barclaycard.

Are you a new Barclaycard user? ya, then stay with me and finish your Barclay Card Activation with the quickest way. Here, I will tell you simple steps to Activate Barclaycard.

Before we start, read the below details and understand the necessary requirements for the Activation of Barclaycard.

How Do I Activate my Barclay Card?

Now, you need to pick the best activation method to easily finish your Barclay Card Activation. To Activate your new Barclay Card, you have the following options –

  1. Barclay Card Activation Online
  2. Barclay Card Activation via App and
  3. Barclay Card Activation through Phone

Go through the following instructions to Activate your new Barclay Card.

Barclay Card Activation Online

  • Head over to the official Mybarclaycard page.
  • Now, you will be taken to the official Barclay Card Activation Page.
  • Here, you will have two options.
    • Log in to Activate
    • Register to activate

  • If you have an online account with Barclaycard Online Servicing, select “Log in to Activate“.
    1. Fill in your login ID and passcode to proceed.
    2. On the next page, enter your card number, credit limit, etc.
    3. Follow the automated prompt instructions.
    4. Agree with the terms of use and submit your details.
    5. That’s it! Your Barclay Card is activated.

  • If you don’t have an online account with Barclaycard Online Servicing, select “Register to activate“.
    1. First of all, provide your card information including card number, current credit limit, expiration number, card security code and date of birth.
    2. On the next page, set a strong username, passcode.
    3. On the next page, Enter your email address.
    4. Click on “I’ve read and agree to the Barclaycard online Terms & Conditions”.

  • That’s it! Your Barclay Card is activated.

Alternatively, you can also activate your Barclaycard via the mobile app.

Barclay Card Activation by Phone

If you find difficulties with the Barclay Card Activation Online process, then you have an option to activate Barclay Card by phone.

To activate Barclay Card by phone, call on Barclay activation number – 1 (877) 408-8866 (toll-free) and speak with a representative.

Provide your card details with few personal and card credentials to activate your Barclay Card by phone.


I hope you found the best steps and information on Barclay Card Activation. If yes, kindly share this article with your friends and don’t forget to drop your comments below…

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