Chase Card Activation At

Chase Card Activation At

When you enroll Chase Bank, you will be given a card to use for making transactions. But you can’t have access to the card till you finish the Chase Credit Card Verification. The Chase Credit Card Verification/Chase Credit Card Activation is a pretty simple process and can be done with two different methods.

You can Verify Chase Card or over the phone call. To finish the Activation of Chase Credit Card, you need to identify yourself and validate the card details from here.

You can also Activate Bank Of America Card & Confirm American Express Card online over a phone call.

Chase Card Activation

Here’s an in-depth look at the Chase Card activation process. Simply go through the below guideline and follow the given steps to easily Activate Chase Credit Card.

Credit Cards offered by Chase Bank

When you join Chase Bank, the bank offers you a credit card to use to meet your needs. The bank offers the following types of credit cards to meet your needs –

  • Business Credit Cards
  • Chase Freedom Card
  • Chase Miles Card
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited Card
  • Chase Premier Credit Card.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Card
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Chase Slate Card

Chase Card Activation

Mostly all of these Chase Credit Card falls under Visa type. The bank also offers Master Cards. For the new users, they need to finish the Activation of Chase Credit Card to get access to the card.

What required to Activate Chase Bank Card?

To go smoothly with the Activation of Chase Bank Card, you need to have the following documents in handy –

  • An online account with Chase Bank with account ID and Password.
  • You should have a Chase Bank Card with all the details.
  • Personal identification for security purposes.
  • Registered mobile number for the confirmation.

That’s all the required documents you need before you get started with the Activation of Chase Bank Card procedure.

How Do I activate new Chase card?

New Chase cardholders can activate Chase Card in the below-mentioned ways.

  • Activate Chase Credit Card online and
  • Activate Chase Credit Card over phone

Chase Card Activation

So, if you got a new card from the bank, then follow the given below instructions to easily Activate your Chase Card.

How To Verify Chase Card Online on

To activate your Chase Credit Card online, you have to visit the official Chase’s page in order to verify receipt of your card.

Followings are steps you will have to take in order to ensure the Chase Credit Card activation happens:

Firstly, Create an online account on the Chase Bank website. Sign up for a Chase account providing the card number, tax identification number/social security number, billing address, and email.

Chase Card Activation

Then, follow the below-mentioned steps to easily Activate your Chase Card –

Chase Card Activation

  • Now, find the Chase Credit Card account on the Chase Bank website.
  • Click “My Accounts
  • Select the credit/debit card to activate.
  • Click on Activation option
  • Now, enter your new card number with few personal and card credentials.
  • Upon completion, The bank will confirm your identity and activate your Chase card.

Creating a PIN: On the official Chase Bank website, you have to create a PIN. Pick the one, which is easy to remember for you and hard to guess for others.

Activation Notification – To confirm that your card is activated and ready for use, the bank will send you an email notification message. Verify that.

Remove sticker and sign card – To validate your new card, remove the sticker and sign it. Once you sign your card after finishing Activation of Chase Bank Card procedure, your card is ready for use. ENJOY!

Activate Chase Bank Card by Phone

You also have another option to Activate your Chase credit card. You can Activate your Chase card over the phone calling the Chase card customer care representative.

Chase Card Activation

To finish your activation with this method, go through the following procedure.

  • Call on Chase Bank Credit Card Activation Number
    • US customers – call on 1-800-432-3117.
    • Outside the US – 1-302-594-8200 
  • Follow the automated prompt instructions.
  • Provide your card details with few personal and card credentials.

Upon completion of this process, the bank will confirm your identity and activate your Chase card.

Tips for New Chase Card Users:

  • Be sure to read cardholder agreements very carefully.
  • Don’t forget to sign back your card before using it to decrease the possibility of identity theft.


Chase activate card is a pretty simple process and can be done yourself. Chase Bank offers plenty of rewards and cashback for using the Chase credit card. So, if you’d received a new card from the Chase bank, it is better to activate your Chase card.

To take advantage, finish your Chase Credit Card Activation, use the card wisely for your travel, hotel booking, and shopping.

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