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Citibank Card Activation & Citibank Credit Card Activation

Citibank, known for quick banking services offers marvelous rewards and benefits their Citibank Credit Card service. Though, when a customer received a new card from the bank, it requires Activate Citibank Credit Card online on or by phone calling Citibank Card Activation Number 1-860-210-2484

Citibank Credit Card Activation is a pretty easy process, and you can finish your Citibank Credit Card verification with simple instructions below.

There are many advantages of using your new Citibank credit card. Read the guide below to Activate Citibank Card online or Activate Citibank Card over the phone & start enjoying your Citibank Card benefits.

How Do I Activate Citibank Credit Card? 

Founded in 1812, Citibank is famous for quick banking services and their amazing Banking services. Based in New York City, the bank is also recognized as the fastest-growing banking group across the world.

With quick banking services, the bank also offers marvelous services for its customers to help them with exciting rewards and benefits.

  • New customers can easily APPLY FOR Citibank Credit Card.

However, New Citibank cardholder requires to Activate Citibank Credit Card firstly to access their card.

So, if you got a new card from the bank, then follow the given below instructions to easily Activate your Citibank Credit Card.

Activating Citibank Credit Card online on

  • Select “Services/My profile”.
  • Click “Card activation” and select your card name for activation.
  • Provide your Credit Card number, CVV code, CVC-2 number, expiration date, etc.

  • Agree with the terms of use and submit your details.
  • Click on “Continue” to submit your details.
  • Sooner, Citibank will send you a notification via SMS and email.
  • Confirm that, and your Citibank Credit Card will be activated soon!

Activating via Citibank Card Activation Number 1-860-210-2484

You can also Activate Citibank Credit Card by phone calling Citibank Card Activation number

To Activate your Citibank Card by phone, follow the given below steps.

  • Call at Citibank Card Activation Number – 1-860-210-2484.
  • Select #language and listen carefully to the instructor.
  • Follow the automated prompt instructions.
  • Provide your card details and few personal credentials.

Upon completion of the above process, the bank will confirm your identity and activate your Citibank Card.

Activating Citibank Credit Card vis SMS

Type < space > < last 4 digits of your Cards number > on your registered mobile phone number and send it to 6058.

Citibank Card Activation Customer Support

  • Citibank Card Activation Number – 1-860-210-2484
  • Citibank Online Card PAGE
  • Citibank Website:

Tips for New Citibank Credit Card Users:

  • Be sure to read cardholder agreements very carefully.
  • Don’t forget to sign back your card before using it to decrease the possibility of identity theft.

If you have any doubts or questions about Citibank Credit Card Activation, let us know by commenting below. We will reply soon with the best possible solution.

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